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Our Products by Categories

Most of the products are available in white, black, grey. Other colors are available upon request.


Our modified silane polymer sealant does it all: waterproofing, fighting aging and mold, with minimal odor. It dries fast and is perfect for indoor decor. Additionally, we offer a transparent sealant that is paintable for your decorating needs, such as mirrors and colored furniture.


Our silicone sealant works wonders on various surfaces like wood, stainless steel, stone, and walls, indoors and outdoors. It's tough against UV rays for lasting protection. Plus, we create special formulas just for insulated glass factories, ensuring your business stays strong for years to come.

Our Product by Package

We offer flexible options for your packaging requirements. While we encourage you to use the Weidu brand, we can also customize your logo and packaging.


Cartridge carton: 288mm*192mm*240mm


Sausage carton: 360mm*250mm*195mm


Metal barrel is 190L and platstical barrel is 19L

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Apply to become a local distributor of Weidu Sealant and join our amazing team. Receive full support, from product selection to marketing your store as one of our online pickup points, along with free construction training.

WD Sealant Manufacturer

We are a China-based factory with a strong reputation since 2018, specializing in sealants. The Weidu brand, rooted in a rich family business heritage, boasts an even longer history. We take great pride in enhancing the prestige of the Weidu name and are extremely proud of our sealant products, which have earned the trust of customers in China, Dubai, and beyond. With a premium focus on the building industry, we expanded our operations to Dubai in 2022. Our dedicated Weidu team is the driving force behind our research, manufacturing, and sales efforts.

Weidu's headquarters managers and the Dubai team's group photo
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